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Frequently Asked Questions


Q : I already have an accountant, how will this work.

A : After our consultation, if you just want to outsource your bookkeeping then this couldn't be easier. Your current accountant can continue to complete all your accounts and tax returns, we will help you run your accounts in real-time. Could your accountant provide the year end accounts for a lower fee now???

Q : I've decided to move everything to LHP, how do we do this?

A : We decide the level of support required and start the process of moving everything in the Cloud. This will either be by transferring your current software onto Xero or getting you started from scratch.

Q : Can LHP help us wherever we are based?

A : We have of clients all over the UK, with the advent of technology, there will be a solution for your business. Through the use of emails, telephone calls and Skype, the World is small.

There are probably a million and one questions you have about the software and we are only too pleased to help you and your business.

It really will fundamentally change the way in which you work!

Good luck

How Xero improves your business

Watch this demo to learn more about how Xero can improve your business, and see all the great features you can use to save time, manage your cash flow, and make managing your bookkeeping and accounting easier.